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8291 Miles by Rail


Leaving Windsor Ontt-01.JPG (26876 bytes)


Arriving in Toronto 
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Aboard the "Canadian" for Vancouver t-08.JPG (33532 bytes) 

Flo, Bob, Jen and Anne t-8a.JPG (38384 bytes) 

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A derailment west of Jasper, Alberta caused us to be bussed to Vancouver.
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We met David and Greg on the bus, they had us laughing most of the way.
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Seattle, Wash.  t-15.JPG (20499 bytes) 
Coast Starlight
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Met Santa while he was on summer vacation.   t-17.JPG (39278 bytes) 

San Francisco
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Back on the Coast Starlight to L.A.

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Finally into L.A. after the train hitting a tractor trailer rig just out of Simi Valley.   Nobody hurt!

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Waiting to see "Price is Right" t-26.JPG (30939 bytes)

On to Hollywood and the tar pits.
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Onto the "Southwest Chief " starting towards home!
 t-30.JPG (37736 bytes)

Met lot's of great people Sarah kept us up all night running between cars.  Cute, but what a pain until we scolded her. 

 t-31.JPG (26736 bytes)

Dameon and Rick t-32.JPG (39141 bytes) 

Mario  t-33.JPG (43814 bytes) 

Pappy and Brenda   t-34.JPG (38647 bytes)  

Goodbye to the "Southwest Chief" in Chicago t-35.JPG (22234 bytes) 


Finally onto the "Capitol Limited" and home.

Always a Sailor!  Look out Lorain! t-36.JPG (27225 bytes)