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First Model

Home Up

ben-gma.JPG (37229 bytes)  ben-pa.JPG (34971 bytes)  ben-boat.JPG (37849 bytes)

When the 3 year old asks "Pa-Pa when can I make a boat?"  You got to come up with something.  We even convinced Grandma to let him destroy one of her paint brushes.

I built the "kit" out of two pieces of 2x4 cut out on the band saw.  I cut a short dowel to serve as a smoke stack and a way for him to attach the parts by pounding it into a pre-drilled hole.  You may notice in the second picture we had a lot of glue, but he felt it was needed to keep it together.  In the last picture he had just said to Grandma,

"Isn't it just beautiful Grandma?"

You can see Pa-Pa thinks it is!