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Model Shop

Home Up


Well, it has been a long time, but I think the wait was worth it.  I now have a place to build models and carve my birds that is warm and comfortable.  I designed it to be shared with my wife so when I go into hibernation she can join me if she wishes to.  Notice in the picture of the saw area the receptacle above the counter top is for a dust collection system located on the other side of the wall which can be turned on with a switch at the left end of the counter top.  There are two of receptacles.  One for the band saw and one for the small tools.

The small room is about 8x10 feet, and the big room is about 12x16 feet.   I actually used the shop for the first time last night.  I can't tell you how much I have missed being able to sit down and work on one of my models.

Come in and look around.  Click on any of the pictures below to see a larger version.  Any bets as to how long it will stay this neat?

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